Euro Pallets

Euro Pallets are the preferred pallet type for exporting goods to European customers.

Smart Pallets supply cost-effective reconditioned second-hand pallets in this style.


  • 1200 x 800 mm
  • four-way entry (forklift access from all sides)
  • heavy-weight EPAL, non-EPAL and light-weight versions available
  • a wide variety of styles and configurations to choose from

EPAL Euro Pallets

1. EPAL Euro Pallet
2. EPAL Euro Pallet
3. EPAL Euro Pallets - 1200 x 800mm


  • Official standard pallet of the European Union
  • Recycled and reconditioned pallets available

Light-weight Euro Pallets

1. Light-weight-Euro-Pallet
2. Light-weight-Euro-Pallet


  • Boards ranging from 15mm up to 20mm thick
  • Using a Light – weight Pallet can help reduce the cost of shipping